not a cat.

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you’ll regret me like the tattoos on your skin3.18.14

Anonymous asked: What are three things from your bucket list? =] -LP

I’d like to change a life, meet My Chemical Romance (aka the people who changed mine), and get kissed in the pouring rain. Cheesy cheesy cheese :) 

Anonymous asked: "Happiness is a warm puppy". Unless they're going pee, I guess. Hahha. Anyways, I hope that you find your happines, whether it's music, food, or traveling. Or something else perhaps? You're in control if your happiness so go do what you love - LP

Anonymous asked: This is me wishing you a happy valentine's day. Hope it's amazing!- LP [Lenten Project]

Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, sweetheart! :) 

Anonymous asked: Hello lovely<3 As my Lenten project this year, I promise to write you everyday for the next 40 (technically 46-ish) days, starting today. This will give you, and me, a chance to truly appreciate how lucky we are to be alive. The day is almost over, so I hope you have a wonderful night. Love you<3


thank you so much for choosing me :) It really means a lot and I have no idea why out of everyone on tumblr, you decided to make my day a little brighter and just…wow. Thank you, so much. <3 



love this photo so much

me too